Terms of payment

To make the payment of an order, the customer can choose among different modes available at completion of the purchase procedure: debt card, bank cheque, bank wire, credit card, Paypal.

In any case, the payment of the orders can be only in Euros. Evolutions are in progress and in case of different currency, please contact us.

If payment is made through a bank cheque, Web-inox sas will accept only those recognised by bank CIC, responsible of secure payment.

Print the order form and send the cheque duly prepared and indicating the amount, seal and sign it, indicate WEB-INOX SAS as the beneficiary, then send it to:


4, Impasse des Grands Champs


An order paid by cheque is treated after payment is credited. After receipt, your cheque is promptly given to the bank for this. Availability, as well as shipment, of the goods start from the date the amount is credited on Webinox account.

If you pay through debt card or credit card, input its reference number and the expiration date on the coded payment server CM-CIC p@iement belonging to BANK CIC.

The server for payment creates an automatic request for authorization to the Bank Cards Group.

The authorization received is sent to the customer as a confirmation or «payment ticket» summarizing the details of the transaction (number, amount, date, operation number) and the authorization received. After, this is sent to the shop for information and treatment. This is when order is recorded.

In no way WEB-INOX is able to know the number of your card or record it.

In case of payment through bank wire, these are the bank details to use:


Abi code: 30087 cab code : 33831 Account n. : 00020063501 key 15

IBAN: FR76 3008 7338 3100 0200 6350 115


The prices indicated by Web-inox sas are before transportation and Vat. Invoices are issued using the prices that are valid on the date of delivery.

On the invoice you will also find shipment costs. The additional costs due to complications during transport are payable by the customer if Web-inox sas is not concerned by such complications.

Apart from the special offers proposed by Web-inox, payment is entirely due on the date of the order. The amounts paid cannot be considered as an instalments and an order is considered as fully paid when all the goods are delivered.

The goods delivered and invoiced to the customer belong to Web-Inox sas until complete payment of their price, whatever the date of delivery of the goods can be, under and in compliance with French law n° 80-335 of 12 May 1980 and with articles 115 par. 2 and 122 law n° 85-98 of 25 January 1985.


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